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April 28, 2008

Texas Children’s Services recently (April 2008) removed over 400 children from a polygamist religious (Christian offshoot) compound in Texas. They based their assumption of jurisdiction on a telephone call from a woman who alleged specific abuse at that compound. Later it was discovered the woman lived in Colorado, the call was made from Colorado and the woman was arrested for making false reports of abuse to officials in Colorado. Even so, Texas authorities, including the judge who heard the initial evidence, refuse to give the children back to their parents. They evidently based their decision upon two legal criteria: 1) some of the mothers of these children married their husbands while under the State’s lawful age for marriage and 2) some of the mothers are married to men with multiple wives and polygamy is unlawful in Texas.

Texas did not just arrest underage mothers’ children or the children of polygamist wives. They arrested all children in the community and placed them into foster care, that is, with men and women they do not know, some of which may be married heterosexuals, single heterosexuals, gays living alone, lesbians living with their lovers, or something in between. The State thinks this is somehow better for these children than being with their parents. And the guardians ad litem appointed to represent these children evidently think so too.

The question is, what legal authority does the State have to keep these children away from their parents? A better question is, what moral authority do they have to do so?

We must face the reality that over the past two generations our nation and all states thereof have become godless, secular humanistic governments. They have no moral authority to make any decisions based upon morality because they deny all absolute criteria and standards for making such judgments. Their actual authority ultimately resides in a small group of hand-selected judges. Legislators themselves don’t matter much. I know because I have been one and have seen pro-life, anti-abortion legislation overturned by immoral, lawless judges on more than one occasion. Executive power still matters, though, because they enforce the judges’ decisions.

I recently heard a story from an acquaintance. He told me of a friend of his who was re-loading ammunition with a state trooper. He said to the trooper, "You know that fellow down the road manufactures and sells illegal drugs. Why don’t you arrest him?" Without missing a beat, the cop replied, "We only arrest who they tell us to."

Enter Texas. Who told Children’s Division and the cops to arrest 450 children and strip them from their parents? Who told the judge to keep them away from their parents? Someone told someone to make an example of this "polygamist" community. Why them? Why wasn’t it two homosexual men raising a little boy or two in their "special" ways, or two lesbians with little girls? Why wasn’t it a Muslim community? Don’t Muslims practice polygamy and didn’t Mohamed marry a nine year old girl? Politics, my friend, politics. This unlawful seizure has nothing to do with morality or Texas law or the "best interests of the child."

Another question is, who is the next target? Is it the church school or the home school that doesn’t indoctrinate their children with the State’s latest propaganda? The only people in today’s world who can be ridiculed or discriminated against with impunity are Christians. Will you be next, or are you one of our persecutors?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Like the Days of Noah

Traditional thought among most people is that we cannot date the tribulation or know when Jesus Christ will return to earth to establish a literal Kingdom of God. Most Christians base that doctrine upon Jesus' own words, words he spoke nearly two thousand years ago which effectively state that no one knows the day or hour of end time events except his Father. That was then; this is now. Jesus also taught us signs by which we could know the time of his return, and those signs reveal that time is NOW.

One great warning Jesus gave is that the days of great tribulation and his return would be as "the days of Noah." What were those days like? That was a day when "the thoughts of men's hearts were evil continually" according to the Book of Genesis. It was a day when "God repented that he had made man." It was a day in which God determined he must judge men for their continually evil sins.

Certainly this describes today, April 12, 2008. Read any newspaper, look at the headlines on Drudge, World Net Daily, or sundry other online news sources. The evil is so rampant and so pervasive that anyone as old as I am remembers a time when the crimes and thoughts represented by this evil did not even exist in the collective consciousness of mankind. Now they are so common that most people do not even recognize this as a particularly evil time. This, my friends, is another sign of the times, gross deception of the peoples.

Let me give you another clear proof of the times. Today men manipulate the genes of plants and animals in an unlawful manner, unlawful in terms of God's Law. We do not even know which foods we eat that have been genetically modified and we certainly do not know their long-term effects upon our health. Last week we read of an experiment in Britain where the genes of a human and a cow were mixed in an embryo that lived for several days. This is the day of the chimera, the genetic monsters of a science which despises God. Such experiments did not even exist until the last few years. This alone proves we live in days like Noah's for consider the words from a very old book, The Book of Jasher. This book was translated into English from the Hebrew in the year 1840, before men understood genetic manipulation of life. The book is referenced in the beginning books of the Bible which were written over three thousand years ago. Jasher says, "the sons of men in those days [the days of Noah are being described] took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field and fowls of the air, and taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order to provoke the Lord; and God saw the whole earth and it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted its ways upon earth, all men and all animals." (The Book of Jasher, Chapter IV, verse 18)

Clearly we live in days like Noah's. Clearly all flesh is provoking God and flaunting their sin in his very face. But, God is a merciful God. Let us pray that the devastation of flesh seen in the Book of Revelation is not the devastation of an iron sword and literal war. Let us hope it is the devastation of the flesh that comes through the sword of the Spirit and is evidenced by repentance and faith. Let us pray that God pours forth his Spirit upon all flesh and brings an end to this age of perversion.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Little More

Now that time is getting late, I am thinking I will write a little more ... very little.

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Let justice roll down like waters
and righteousness like an everlasting stream!